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Utilizing her knowledge and background in traditional herbalism, as well as a passion and palate for exquisite flavors, Auna offers her services as a licensed bartender creating delicious botanical infusions.

Her creations are made with seasonal fruits and spices and used as a base for artisanal cocktails – and include handcrafted bitters.

Auna offers this unique service as a Botanical Bar, serving libations at your special event.

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“The cordial bar at our wedding was a smash hit.”

The cordial bar at our wedding was a smash hit. Years later, it continues to come up in conversation when spending time with friends and family.  It was obvious that Auna put a tremendous amount of love and care into the elixirs, which allured and transfixed our guests!

Not only were the drinks delectable, but the presentation of the decorated wooden bar created a popular hangout during our party. I highly recommend adding this cordial bar service to any event, especially when you want to impress! – Jalena & Cory 

Auna is absolutely brilliant and gifted at creating delicious cocktails, tailored to your event and so personalized for the people hiring her.  I took time to try each one of the signature drinks that she made at our wedding, and I am so glad that I did! All of the cocktails were spectacular, and our guests kept making comments about how amazing they were.

Even the way the bar looked was so beautiful, it was one of the highlights of the reception area! Thank you Auna at Beijaflor Botanicals! We are so happy and grateful! – Jen & Chris

Auna is a true mixologist and expertly managed the bar at our wedding for 150 guests. We loved her hospitality so much that we keep bringing her and her hand-crafted and botanically inspired bar set up to gatherings we host. Our guests always talk about the drinks she pours, whether with alcohol or not, long after the party is over. And she can do healthy too (tumeric infusions, and herbal elixirs)! – Temra & Jeremy

“Auna and her magical mixes, along with her attention to detail and beauty, are a delightful presence to have at your special gathering.”

 Auna of Beijaflor Botanicals is a Barista/Mixologist par excellence. We hired her for my milestone birthday and she added an exotic flare to my celebration. Her delectable, fresh and unique mixes were greatly admired by my guests.  Auna and her magical mixes, along with her attention to detail and beauty, are a delightful presence to have at your special gathering – Suzette 

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